Initial Arrest and Booking

The criminal justice process typically begins when a police officer places a person under arrest. After an arrest, a suspect is taken into police custody and “booked.”

Held or Released on Bond

Next you will have a bail hearing, the Magistrate Judge informs a defendant of their charges and sets a bond amount. A suspect may pay the bail amount or work with a bondsman in exchange for his/her release.

Retain BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys

Finding the right Criminal Defense Firm for your legal matter can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Pre-Court Issues

We will begin evaluating your case and discussing defense and mitigation plans. Note that courts are often backed-up with old cases and this stage may last awhile.

Arraignment / First Court Date

The Prosecutor’s Office will turn over evidence to your Attorney and the judge will then reset the case for future dates. Note that most times a case is not (and should not) be resolved on its first court date.

Pre-Trial Hearings/Subsequent Court Dates

Court Cases often require multiple court appearances to achieve a desired outcome.

Pre-Trial Agreement with Prosecutors, Dismissal or Trial

The final decision on how to resolve cases rests with the client. The vast majority of Criminal Cases are resolved without a Trial.

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