Firearm and weapon allegations are unique in that they can violate both federal and state laws. Complex legal issues such as these require experienced attorneys to advocate for your rights. BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys have a strong reputation in dealing with difficult and intricate felony weapons charges. It is our primary goal to have firearms charges reduced or dismissed and have found success for many clients. If you have been accused of violating a Texas or federal weapons law we have the skill and expertise to create a strategy designed to achieve your best possible result.


At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we provide comprehensive legal support for any weapons issue governed by federal law including:
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Brady Bill Background Checks
  • Alleged Sale to Ineligible Purchasers
  • Possession In Prohibited Federal Areas
  • Registration and Weapon Classification
  • Illegal Discharge of a Weapon
  • Violation of Concealed Carry Provisions
  • Use of Prohibited or Modified Weapons
  • Breaking of Possession or Storage Rules
  • Unlawful Weapon Use in a Self-Defense Situation
  • Violation of Purchase or Permitting Requirements
  • Aggravation of Other Criminal Charges Due to Weapon Use


A weapons charge is a very serious matter, and Texas law can give heavy penalties for these violations. If you’ve been arrested on a gun charge or other weapons issue, our attorneys can protect your rights for all types of allegations including: